Tips for Hosting a Successful Party

Summertime screams barbeques and parties! And let’s be real—hosting a summer party isn’t always the easiest task. These 6 tips will either help you become the perfect host, or they’ll make you appreciate all the details of the next party you’re at!  Whether you’re throwing your own summer bash or attending one, this advice is for you.

Have a clean house. OK, this one is tricky since everyone has a different version of clean. Regardless, clean up your house more than you would on a Saturday cleaning day. Pay attention to cobwebs, baseboards, smudges on the wall, grime on the refrigerator. Do more than your average “pick up”. Some guests may be total germaphobes and may pay attention to these details that are generally looked over. Go above and beyond and make sure your house looks more than presentable. I know this is crude, and I mean this half jokingly (…half jokingly), but think about your bathroom. Is someone else going to be comfortable sitting down on the toilet…? If not, you better deep clean that thing!

Know the needs of your guests. Whether they’re vegetarian, have a food allergy, or are allergic to pets, make sure you accommodate them, whatever their special needs may be. At my wedding, the Mr. and I knew we would be having a few vegetarian guests, so we planned in advance with our caterer and had a special meal prepared just for them. This totally makes guests feel special and cared for! Also, if you have pets, it might be safe to just put them away for a few hours. That way you don’t have to worry about them barking at strangers or having anyone’s allergies act up.

Offer a beverage or appetizer right away. Within 10 minutes of someone coming into your home, they should be sipping or snacking on something.  Most guests come prepared to munch, so don’t make them wait until the main course to be ready.

Know guest list in advance. Be aware of which guests already know each other, which guests need to be introduced to one another, and then find connections between them. During the introduction bring these connections up to strike up conversation. In this way you can quietly depart and tend to something else.

Pay attention to detail. From the music playing in the background, to cute centerpieces and table settings, awe your guests by the sweet elements you added to the party.

Have fun! Of course you want to be a good host and throw a successful party, but it’s not completely easy-going until you sit back and relax. Show your guests that you’re at ease and having fun! No one enjoys the company of a stuffy host. Make this a memorable get together by staying cheerful and positive. Keep the focus on the celebration instead of things that may be going wrong.