Hittin’ the Road

A lot is happening in the next month.  Number 1 – the biggest – I’m getting hitched!  As you may have read in the previous series of wedding posts, my fiance and I are traveling to his hometown of Anchorage, Alaska to tie the knot on June 29th.

I’m departing from sunny So Cal for the even sunnier AK this weekend, and I’ll be away until July.  But the fun doesn’t stop there; we’re then traveling to my hometown, beloved Detroit for a celebration with my family and a bit of a getaway.

This means I’ll be away for awhile – no crazy experiments in the kitchen or gluten-free ramblings – but I will be bringing you a few updates from the road; you know, maybe a selfie or 2 taken in various airports or an artsy, dutch angle of my wedding shoes.

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Happy end of June!