In Pursuit of Love

“The art of love is largely the act of persistence.” — Albert Ellis

I was in the car driving back from my beau’s house the other day and reflecting on my idea for a post on the 5 Love Languages. I started thinking about Love. What first sprang to mind was the famed 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 biblical passage, “Love is Patient, Love is Kind…”

I repeated the verses to myself, and stopped cold at the last line, “Love always perseveres.” I had never thought of Love like this.

I mean… Duh. True Love lasts for eternity. Read any poet and he will tell you without a doubt that a lover makes a mark so deep on one’s heart that even a scar from love lost is tendered with pained affection. Watch movies like “The Wedding Planner” and see a man’s growing love for his wife:

For the first time… I appreciated her. Then the appreciation grew to respect.

Respect grew to like. Then like grew to love. A deeper love than I could ever hope for.

I started really thinking about Love as “Perseverance.”  I believe we tend to lock in the dramatic and external, sacrificial aspects of this perseverance, as if we were running a race and gasping for breath but could somehow reach into the depths and give a final thrust of strength. The emotions are heightened with a sense of satisfaction, as if our efforts are “worth it.” We take pride in our energy to beat the odds and rise above our doubts.

However… in this particular car ride… I had an epiphany. Love perseveres even when the stakes aren’t high. Love pursues even when it has what it wants. Love works harder, though the work prior has been deemed good enough.  Love asks about things when it thinks it knows the answer.

The longer that souls knit each other in romantic relationships, the more details seem to slip through the cracks.  When we are in these romantic relationships, we are given the key to unlock the other’s happiness. What else do you think all that “getting to know each other” was for? So we could “collect a jar of hearts” and put it on the mantle to look at? To put our lover on display in a museum, or turn facts about them into a board game to use when we feel up for entertainment?

No! Love is intentional.  It writes that love note when you feel like he doesn’t need it. It takes the time to proofread a text, even though he could still figure out what you mean if you skip a word. It is the responding in chosen tenderness when you are feeling moody and insensitive. It is the offered kiss goodnight after a disagreement when you don’t want anything to do with him. It is the champion of “just because” and the hallmark of support.

Yes, love is patient and kind and works to perfect itself, etc. But love is not meant to be “convenient.” It perseveres despite how we feel. Don’t miss the opportunities to love with a Love that knows no boundaries.