When To Quit A Job

Hey gals, just sharing a “glory story”… I lost 25 pounds last month!!

Unhealthy? Definitely not because they were spirit-pounds. Before you accuse me of smoking too much of something illegal, hear me out… I QUIT A JOB!

This job was weighing me down in time, money, mental power, social strain, and ultimately my spirit’s ability to thrive. Extra thoughts and sighs were donated to this job’s daily routine, frowns crept into my mouth’s corner and forehead crevices, and gab formerly shared with friends about film projects turned into complaints about serving snobbish customers.

I had transferred from a retail store in San Diego to that store’s café in Los Angeles and after the first 3 days wanted to quit. I could tell then that I needed more fulfilling work with less people.  But like a loyal employee (with much support from her family and friends) I decided to give it 3 months. In my new depressive nature I had forgotten about that promise when the check-up passed, only to discover my two week’s notice was within days of my hire date anniversary. Yay Providence!

So how’d I do it…and convince another co-worker to bid her farewell after 7 unhappy years?  How can you quit your job that literally sucks the life out of you? Take a few pointers:

1) Be a Hard Worker – If you cultivate laziness, NO job will ever be appealing. Practice some integrity and discipline so any restlessness will be justified.

2) Define the Problems – Take your unpleasant career experience and break it into manageable sections. Does the parking situation stress you out? Do the coworkers make you crazy? Is the work unfulfilling? Is the management overbearing? In my case, the answer was “Yes!” to all these questions, and so I knew I needed out. In your case, perhaps you can identify what are problem areas particular to that company or field, and which are life skills you may need to “suck-up” and embrace.

3) Validate Your Happiness – You only have one life to live, and it grows shorter by the hour.  Take control and live the life you want. Believe that you deserve to be happy, otherwise you’ll talk yourself into a false sacrificial victim. If you are unhappy, and for rational reason, just leave. Give your spirit permission to live abundantly.

4) Have faith – Even if you’re not the God-fearin’ type, there is a force more powerful than yourself that brought you into being and wants you to succeed. To believe otherwise is admitting masked-fear. When I quit my job, I didn’t have a solid backup plan. I tried to prearrange some long-term jobs with my temp agency for some security but to no avail. With a “child-like” faith, I told God Almighty the simple, pathetic truth: this girl was not happy. Rather than an ultimatum, I humbly approached my Heavenly Father and asked for help because his daughter was sad. A month later I have gotten just enough work from my temp agency, and signed with a background casting agency for some career-related work. Though I’ve been working hard trying to find another job…I dare you to tell me it’s coincidence.