5×5 Summer Blends Pt. 1

In the heat of summer a bit of our usually-sharp taste can melt. Here are some guides to keep your creative juices flowing:

 5 NEW spices

1) Dill – Goes great with fresh ginger, salt and pepper, and olive oil as a marinade for grilling fish and poultry.

2) Curry – This bright spice is sweet and savory. Cook it with chicken, greek yogurt, and orange juice for a delicious crepe filling.

3) Cumin – Traditionally used in Mexican dishes, you can add it to mashed black beans with cilantro and olive oil for a South-of-the-Border hummus. Eat with carrots instead of tortilla chips for a healthier option.

4) Rosemary – Hardy as a Minnesotan in winter, this herb lasts weeks in the refrigerator. Add it to popcorn with lemon zest, butter, and black pepper for a perfect hostess gift or “dish-to-share.”

5) Capers – Okay, not really a spice, but definitely a flavor. Add these briney pebbles to morning eggs with mozzarella, lunch’s lentil salad with beets, or dinner’s yellow onion and ricotta whole wheat pizza.

5 NEW Fashion Colors

1) Cuban Jade – Add this color in tees, handbags, head scarves, socks, or flip flops for a sophisticated splash.

2) Flirty Peach – Think more “Big Stick” popsicle than Jane Eyre pastel. Try this out in jewelry and belts.

3) Passionate Violet – Go big with this one…make it an entire dress or a bright solid sweater.

4) Moss Green – This wears well in blouses and skirts. The more flowy, the better!

5) Lemon Yellow – To wear tastefully, take this one in small, but deliberate doses. Use as a scarf, headband, flats, or belt. For the braver few, add yellow nail polish to anything polka-dot for a retro summer feel.

5 NEW Summer Songs:

1) “Music Box,” Philip Glass – Candyman

2) “Torero,” Govi – Gypsy Passion: New Flamenco

3) “One World,” Celtic Woman – Celtic Woman

4) “Summit Ridge Drive,” Artie Shaw and his Gramercy Five – Memoires de nos Peres

5) “Put Your Lights On,” Santana – Supernatural