DIY Dip Dye Jeans

This quick and easy DIY will revamp an old pair of jean shorts into a trendy, outfit accent. I had this pair of jeans for a few years and was ready to give them away during my last cleaning spree. After seeing dip dyed jeans for sale at Target, I knew I could make my own at home. Y’all know that I’m a sucker for convenient and practical DIY’s, and this project is exactly that. So grab an old pair of jean shorts and give them a makeover ASAP!

01_Jeans (1)

Cast of Characters: Denim jeans, clothes hanger, bucket, Clorox bleach

02_Jeans (1)

Step one: Fill the bucket with 3-4 cups of bleach, and dilute with 3-4 cups of water.  Fold jeans in half and dip them into the bucket.

03_Jeans (1)

Step two: Slowly inch shorts out every few minutes to create an ombre/faded dye on the jeans.

04_Jeans (1)

Step three: After about 10 minutes of letting jeans soak, pull them out completely and hang them out to dry.

05_Jeans (1)

Step four: Let shorts dry, and watch the bleach work its magic!

Step five: Be sure to wash the shorts with other white clothes or on their own so that the bleach doesn’t bleed into your colored clothes.

Make these new shorts your summer go-to by pairing them with a bright tank and cute sandals!