DIY Stir Sticks

Happy Fourth of July! Today on Broke But Bougie we have a simple DIY to spruce up an average beverage at your next barbeque. Most of these supplies can be found at your local craft store, as well as most Dollar Tree or 99 cent stores (remember that crafting doesn’t have to be an expensive hobby!). Enjoy making this craft with family—this activity is perfect for little ones, so get everyone involved in helping out. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!

01_SS (1)

Cast of Characters: colored straws (or regular wooden BBQ skewers), colorful tape, tissue paper, scissors

02_SS (1)

Step one: Wrap colorful tape around your choice of straw.

03_SS (1)

Step two: Fold the tape in half and cut a “v” shape into it, creating a little flag.

04_SS (1)

Step three: Cut tissue paper to fit the straw. Tape tissue paper to the straw and gently fray by cutting the tissue paper into thin strips.

05_SS (1)

Step four: Spice up a plain beverage at your next get together by adding these stir sticks to drinks!