Hittin’ The Road Part Two

Now I’m hitting the road! This month, my hubs, Mom, Dad, and little brother and sister and I will be taking on London and northern Italy! Words can’t express how excited I am about this trip. We’ve been saving for several months to afford the airfare and create a little fund to buy some swag in Europe! The Instagramming will  be at insta-bomb levels, I can assure you.

Initially we were just going to Saluzzo, Italy to visit my sister Rita. But, we all had to fly through London so we figured why not spend a few days there too!

Don’t worry! There will still be fresh content on brokebutbougie.com everyday but you might be seeing a few more #ootd’s and random shots of amazing European cuisine on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram!! Be sure to follow us! Kaitlin and I will sign what we upload so you know who’s doing what!