5×5 Summer Blends Pt. 2

5 NEW Vocabulary Words:

1) Arid – (air-id) Meaning hot and parched, use this to describe southern California’s “Santa Ana”

2) Droll – (drole) Meaning pleasantly entertaining and even funny, use as “How droll!”

3) Cumbersome – (cumber-sum) Meaning overwhelmingly heavy, clumsy, or bulky it can be used to describe a situation or clothing.

4) Ardent – (are-dent) Meaning enthusiastic and devoted, this is a great synonym for “passionate.” It’s also a great way to close love letters, “With Ardent Affection…”

5) Inconceivable – (In-con-seev-able) Meaning unbelievable, it can be used for nearly any occasion of exclamation, as seen in the classic summer movie, “The Princess Bride.”

5 NEW Home Décor Tips:

1) Mosaic Tabletops – This DIY project can be made using brightly colored thrift store plates and ceramic pots to sport a mock Mediterranean or Latin look.

2) Bachelorette Bookcase – Decoupage a garage sale find with your favorite wine and perfume labels for a chic geek look.

3) Wall Clock – Take pictures of random groupings corresponding to the appropriate hour (i.e. three pigeons, six pineapples, etc) and frame them separately in a large circle. Install clock hands (found at Michaels or Home Depot) and never have an excuse to be late again.

4) Budget Organizer – Divide your cash (according to your budget) into labeled sections and use appropriately, placing the receipts immediately into the respective compartment. Voila, a clean desk and a much easier balanced budget!

5) Stained glass windows – Using diluted washable acrylic paints, design your own windows, to be changed out seasonally. If your landlord’s not a fan of your inner Michelangelo, place brightly colored glass bottles (i.e. different alcohol or imported water bottles) on a window ledge for the summer’s afternoon light show.