How to Make Eating Organic Affordable

I recently wrote 10 Things You Need to Know About GMOs which got me thinking how to make eating organic more accessible and affordable. Yes, it comes down somewhat to discipline and being aware of your eating habits and choices, much like you would if you were on a diet. Although eating organic directly promotes your health, it also is a choice to promote healthy agricultural practices. By choosing organic, you’re taking a stand on your health and the health of the world.

  • Plan your meals before going grocery shopping so that you get exactly what you need and the amounts you need to cook for the week. The better planned you are the less you’ll waste food and money.

  • Join an organic CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). Most often there are weekly or every-other-week pick-up/delivery options for your fruits and vegetables. The trick here is to see each box as a challenge to be creative in the kitchen and use what you get without extra trips to the grocery store (which saves on gas too!). Since most CSA farms are produce only, this gives you an opportunity to cut down on your meat intake and finally eat the vegetables and fruits you’ve told yourself you would start doing every New Year’s Eve.

  • Eat in. Organic and farm-to-table restaurants are cropping up more and more but if you can fend off the urge to eat out, you’ll be eating healthier and you’ll see the savings in your pocket book by not wasting your organic groceries.