How to Wear Harem Pants to Work

I recently read Bridget’s post MC Hammer Pants on integrating harem pants into her wardrobe. I own one pair that was purchased before it became trendy (no, I am in no way a trend starter). I bought them for three reasons: (1) they looked ridiculously comfortable, (2) they were a great alternative to sweat pants, which I loathe, and (3) they were on sale–$10 kind of sale. Up until now, I would have never imagined wearing them outside the house, let alone for work. I do like a challenge though, and I came up with some guidelines:

  • Stick to solids: Some of the prints just scream p.j.’s a little too loudly to be worked in as trousers for the workplace. Solids (especially black) are going to make it much easier and classier to sneak into your work wardrobe.

  • Consider construction: Pairs that have clean lines, structured pleats or creases will add professional sharpness.

  • Pop of color: Top with a bright blouse so that the color pop can pull some attention away from the dropped crotch.

  • Statement Necklace: Another great way to play up this look and draw attention back up.

  • Blazer is a must: Unless you work in an ultra-casual environment, a blazer is necessary to elevate your overall look to unquestionable professionalism. Once you clock out, remove blazer and you’ll be happy hour ready.

  • Heels will do the trick: If they can dress up jeans, they can certainly dress up harem pants. Even a kitten heel will give you a more luxe feel to your look.