A Word on Trends & Individuality

Let’s talk about trends.  They’re super great, right?  Sure, some we love and others we hate, but they dictate what’s in and what’s out – what occupies our favorite stores’ shelves.

There is something about trends, however, that’s obnoxious.

Have you seen some of the most successful people, the thought leaders, the very people who design the trend-setting clothes?  They sport turtlenecks, black on black on black, bold style layered with bold style – things that we would deem unoriginal or ugly.

I really got thinking about this when I was in church [of all places] when 6 girls completely unrelated to each other came in wearing mint.

It was the typical top that’s in right now – flowy and sheer.

I love mint.  But, really?  They all looked the same – an army of mermaids rising out of the sea to come invade the place of worship.

The thing sometimes lacking when we sport a trend is individuality and originality.  If we all wear flowy, sheer mint tops with skinnys and gold, strappy sandals, we all end up looking the same.

It’s when we take the current trend and pair it with something old; our hipster, classic, or preppy touch; or our own personal edge that we become unique and stand out in a sea of green.