How to Buy Gifts for Bridesmaids

I am not a wedding planner, an assistant to a wedding planner, or Jane Nichols.  But I recently did have a wedding where 5 incredible ladies did me the honor of being my bridesmaids.  And this called for giving them gifts – gifts that gave a heartfelt thank you.

Bridal party gifts vary depending on budget and circumstance.  Our wedding was practically a destination wedding.  We had it in Alaska in Tim’s hometown, meaning everyone from my side had to travel.  All of my recently graduated best friends had to make trips from California and Michigan to be there for the big day, which meant sacrificing a great deal to be there.  So the theme I went for in buying my gifts was comfort, use, and sentiment.

I gave them each a pair of pajamas to wear for the morning of the big day; a clutch filled with lip balm, lavender soap, and tissue; and a handwritten letter thanking them for all they have done for me and expressing my deepest gratitude for making my big day all it could be and more.  It’s tradition that the maid of honor gets a little something extra as she has given extra.  My maid of honor graduated college the week before she had to travel to Anchorage.  She spent that week unpacking and getting settled in her new home.  I decided to opt for a gift card to Target with a little note saying ‘to make your new home cozy warm.’  Usually, I’m reluctant to give loved ones gift cards as gifts, but I thought she could use it on whatever she wanted to make her home feel like home.