Fashion Inspiration Resources

Ever been in a fashion rut where you seem to gravitate towards the same articles of clothing, week after week? [Raises hand]. I’ve been there before. I’ve learned to find inspiration in what other women are wearing instead of getting frustrated and feeling like I need a new wardrobe. Some of my go-to fashion resources are listed down below! I love peeking at these stylish ladies’ profiles and getting ideas about how to mix and match my wardrobe, as well as add a pop of style to an ordinary outfit. If you have some of your own personal favorite fashion bloggers that aren’t listed here, feel free to mention them in the comments!  I always love discovering new sites and getting to know various blogger personalities!

Wendy’s Lookbook – Wendy is such a fun, sweet, and stylish blogger. After watching her YouTube videos, I felt like we could be B.F.F.’s. She is incredibly genuine and has such classy style. I love watching her videos and reading her blog posts! Find her at

Coco’s Tea Party – I recently discovered Coco’s Tea Party and immediately fell in love with Ella Gregory’s quirky, cool, and super clean fashion blog. Ella covers runway fashion, celebrity fashion, and gives awesome beauty tips. Visit and explore Ms. Gregory’s fancy site.

M Loves M – Mara from M Loves M is part fashion blogger and part stylist for the Southern California boutique, Ruche. M Loves M is a great lifestyle blog full of recipes, pictures of Ginger (Mara’s adorable pup), and of course, dainty outfits.  I love that Mara plays with color and embraces her femininity. I guarantee that you’ll be inspired to piece together beautiful outfits of your own after reading

IFB – Independent Fashion Bloggers is a fashion website that has a plethora of posts suitable for any young woman. Their Pinterest board is incredible. They have 52 boards that are organized by regional bloggers, styles, and current trends. If you’re ever in a fashion funk, head over to the IFB Pinterest boards! You will find more than enough inspiration over there. If you’re already on Pinterest, just search for IFB and they’ll come right up.

Rockstar Diaries – Naomi Davis from the formerly named Rockstar Diaries (now called Love Taza) has such a fun personal style. The Davis family is always dressed with bright pops of color and prints. You can see their sense of fashion down to the way their home is decorated. And who said fashion was only clothing oriented?  Naomi radiates her lavish NYC lifestyle all throughout!

Gary Pepper Girl – is where you can find Nicole Warne’s fashion diary. Every picture that she posts is amazing! Live vicariously through Nicole’s Instagram feed and be inspired by her daily posts and pictures. The Gary Pepper Girl’s dapper style will instantly leave you feeling glamorous. Check her out!