5 Ways to be More Creative

There are many positive benefits to exercising the creativity muscle, whether it is to bring balance to an overworked and underpaid schedule or to reconcile loss and frustration. Many people don’t consider themselves creative yet would love to bring more creativity into their lives.

  1. Half the battle for some is just figuring out in what way they would enjoy being creative: writing, painting, sculpture, dance, the list goes on. So to get started on what potential creative outlets you may enjoy, grab a notebook and start making a list of things you’ve heard of or tried in the past that you would love to take up again. Maybe finally learning how to sew your own clothes or picking up piano lessons again. The list may be short in the beginning, but continue to add as you hear things, and after your have a solid list of 10-20 activities, pick two a week to try out.

  2. The other half of the battle is often just having time to pursue your creative outlet. However, just as you block out your workout times, block out two solid hours a week to dedicate to your creative outlet(s) and be sure to guard that time with your life!

  3. Try something new. Be adventurous and take a beginner’s class in photography, ballet, sculpture, you name it! Or if you know someone who pursues a creative career or hobby, ask them for a hands-on look into their creative world.

  4. Do it yourself. You’ve been dying for a new bedspread, statement necklace, coffee mug, etc. Rather than spending hours perusing the department store for just the right one, switch gears and head to the craft and fabric store for the materials to make it yourself.

  5. Write a story, poem, essay, anything. Creative writing is one of the cheapest and accessible art forms because you don’t need much and you can do it just about anywhere and anytime.