We’re Nesting!

The term ‘nesting’ to me is less than pleasant – It makes me think about new life and laying eggs, not buying cutsie knick-knacks and wall art for your new home.

But, the latter it is.  My hubby and I returned to So Cal just a couple weeks ago after a whirlwind of tying the knot, celebrating, and traveling.  And low and behold all the signs of post-wedding life are there – the urge to completely re-do my hair after ‘holding out’ for the wedding, puppy fever, and the sudden [and weird] desire to buy a couple plants.  So far, I’m only pursuing numero 1, but I’ll let you know how that goes…

…Maybe things will get crazy, and I’ll splurge for a Costco membership.

Instead of budgeting for wedding bands, we’re now budgeting for a couch and dining table chairs. […As fun as it’s been picnicking on the floor, I’m ready to sit like a married lady at the dinner table.]

So the search for furniture has begun, and what I’ve learned is that if you would like to save money, it takes time, research, patience, and effort.  When you’re staring at your very bare living room sans couch, dining table, and chairs, it can be very tempting to run out and buy the first couch you see and put it on the credit card.  Feeling this urge one too many times in the past few days, I say pause!  Take some time to do the research.  There are vintage flea markets, furniture outlet stores, and eBay, and we’re taking advantage of these options.

My very patient and loving husband has been extra patient and loving these past few days and reminding me that this process takes time.

We put clothes in dressers yesterday.  That’s a start.


Here are some of my favorite things in our apartment thus far:


Throw pillow cover from Pottery Barn.

Were Nesting_2

A ceramic canister I found at Marshall’s on the clearance rack. The perfect home for my wooden spoons.



A gift from one of the ladies I lived with prior to getting married. Lovely bowl I use for fruit.

Were Nesting

I’m in love with this bedding – a gift from my maid of honor. [We’re working on getting another pillow for the other sham…and a box spring]


Salt and pepper shakers! They have magnetic noses. No big. A gift from one of my roommates in college.