DIY Sunglasses and Jewelry Storage

I’ve got several pairs of cheap sunglasses. After wearing a pair of shades, I typically just toss them off in the general vicinity of my vanity. They’re cheap right? Who cares if they get a little dinged up. Well, that’s great and all but let’s be honest, storing sunglasses in any sort of adult way can be quite difficult.


Here’s a super easy DIY to store those shades and maybe even a bracelet or two!

What You’ll Need:

1. Cool frame that works with your room decor

2. Cord, twine or wire

3. Scissors

4. A screw driver or icepick

5. Eye hooks with screw bottoms

What You Do:

First, measure across the back of the frame where you’re going to place your eye hooks. Depending the size of your frame you could do anywhere from one to four rows.

You’re going to want to make pilot holes for your little eye screws. You can use a screw driver or an ice pick. A hammer and small nail will work as well.

Screw your eye hooks into your pilots holes. Then thread your wire or string through.

Place your sunglasses and bangles on your new holder! I just propped mine up on my vanity but you could hang it as well!