DIY iPhone Case

Because we are basically tethered to our iPhones most of the day, phone cases are now the latest fashion accessory. You can switch it out depending on your outfit that day or stick with a simple sleek phone hugger no matter what you’re sporting at the moment.

I like switching out my phone case every now and then but that can get expensive. So, I opt for a case that has a clear back and create my own inserts to change things up!

Here’s what you’ll need:

* I’ve got the iPhone 5 but the same supplies will work for a 4 or 4s

– An index card

– Stickers, patterned paper, letters – basically any scrapbooking type things that you want to use to create your case

– Glue

– Scissors

Trace the shape of your phone case onto your index card.

Cut out your iPhone shape and start cutting and gluing your scrapbooking goodness onto it.

Once you’ve finished the designing, cutting and glueing process, allow it to dry for about twenty minutes.

Here’s the finished product!