Pre-Wedding Beauty Tips: What Worked

A couple months before my big day, I [as many brides do] looked for some tips in pampering.  I specifically looked for DIY facial masks and cleansing and moisturizing tips.  I Googled, perused Pinterest, checked out some reliable, credible blogs, and asked a couple friends for their secrets.  I found some gems [and some flops], but I’m here to share the gems.


Jojoba Oil:  I do not know how to pronounce this, yet I’m sad because I’m sure it’s not the   joe-joe-bah oil I’ve been referring to…This stuff is too good.  I moisturized with this at night, and in the morning my skin was soft and had a natural glow that nearly deterred me from wearing any makeup.  It’s light, so I didn’t feel like I was sleeping in a pool of petroleum jelly [bonus].


Aloe Vera Gel:  I have crazy bad dark circles under my eyes.  I always have, so I’ve done my fair share of researching eye creams and natural remedies, and I’ve yet to find the miracle fix.  I read that putting some pure aloe vera gel on your dark circles helps to alleviate some of the puffiness and color.  I saw only a small difference, although the coolness of the aloe feels incredibly soothing and refreshing.  This is one I’ll continue as I look for another remedy.


Simple Revitalizing Eye Roll-On:  This is meant for morning use – roll on the gel in the morning to rid yourself of puffiness and circles.  I did not like this one.  I felt it gave me more puffiness instead of soothing anything.