Getting Fit Without a Gym Membership

Spring and summer always seem to be big motivators when it comes to the “getting fit” department. Whether it’s the rush to get our bodies into swimsuit shape or the longer days and nicer weather, I notice that working out becomes more of a focus during these bright and cheery months.

One big misconception about working out is feeling the need to invest in a gym membership in order to get fit. Let’s be real—those memberships can get pretty pricey. Over the past year I’ve found inexpensive ways to work out and get healthy without spending a whole lot of money. Here are a few workout ideas that you can use without having to step foot into a gym.

1. Pop Sugar: If you’re on Pinterest, there’s a high chance that you’ve seen some of Pop Sugar’s posts. They have a plethora of exercise videos, ideas for stretching, as well as healthy food recipes. Their videos are upbeat and to the point. No cheesy fitness instructors are found at Pop Sugar – in fact, watch a video and you’ll see how intense it can get!

2. Buy dumbbells: I currently own 3 & 5 pound dumbbells, and it’s super convenient having them around my apartment. I like to pick them up and use them whenever I’m watching a Pop Sugar video, or when I feel like doing my own arm workout routine. If I go on a walk, I bring them along with me to multitask working my arms while doing cardio. What’s great about these dumbbells is that they’re inexpensive (you can find them at Wal-Mart or Target for cheap!), and they don’t take up a whole lot of space.

3. Stretch: Stretching obviously isn’t a high-intensity workout, but it is so incredibly good for your body! If you aren’t in the mood to work out in the morning (it’s okay, we all have those days) at least motivate yourself to get up and stretch before starting off your day.

4. Swimming: Chances are you’ve hit the water since summer started. Instead of grabbing that inner tube to lie out and tan on, next time reach for a cap and goggles and go for a swim. Maybe I’m a little biased since I’m a swimmer, but swimming is the best sport when it comes to sculpting your body and working out muscles you never knew you had. Swim a few laps next time you’re at the pool! Or, if swimming just ain’t your thang, then consider signing up for a water exercise class at your local pool. As a former water exercise instructor, I can guarantee that you’ll get a workout!

5. Treat your body right: Eat clean, drink water, and don’t overdo it. All this exercise could easily go to waste if you aren’t putting healthy food into your body. Consider having a “cheat day” once a week, where you allow yourself to eat whatever your heart desires. Also, try the gallon challenge, and drink a gallon of water every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday! Lastly, don’t overdo it. Listen to your body!