5 Websites for Foodies

  • foodgawker.com: With strict photography requirements and regular submissions by food bloggers around the world, it won’t take long before you start salivating.  Create a free account and begin favoriting mouth-watering recipes.

  • tastebook.com: The website provides an easy and fun way to compile your favorite recipes from cookbooks, websites, and family secrets all in one place. Share with friends and fellow tastebook foodies. Starting at $24.95, you can create a bound cookbook of your choice of recipes for a great housewarming gift or just for yourself!

  • eater.com: For the lover of gossip and a side of fries, this website keeps foodies up-to-date with restaurant/chef news and rumors. With both national and regional platforms, get the behind-the-scenes and in-the-kitchen wherever you go.

  • localharvest.com: Find out where you can join a CSA, shop organically, and dine in organic restaurants throughout the United States.

  • food52.com: A mélange of chefs come together with recipes and cooking advice, and there are even fun contests to get involved in. This is more than just food porn; it is a community where you can ask questions, answer your fellow foodie’s questions, and come together to promote a healthier, happier lifestyle.   The website supports local producers and forwards along exclusive offers. Soon the website will be launching their cooking shop.