Making Your Dorm Room Homey

It has arrived.

The freedom you’ve anxiously anticipated throughout your last four years of high school.   The car is packed.  Your classes have been picked.  The  college fight song has been memorized.

There is just one last thing on the agenda before your first day of class approaches — making your dorm room feel like home!  If you have even the littlest bit of homebody in you, then this is a priority.  So where do you begin?  Come school season, every retailer and their competitor is hosting “back to school blowout sales” in hopes that you will furnish your dorm room from their floor sets.  And then there’s the other dilemma — what do you buy for these four years, and what do you invest in for longer?  Here are a couple options for “just for college” pieces as well as choices you may wish to carry with you beyond graduation day.

Ikea Clothes Storage – Oh, good ole Ikea.  Making an Ikea purchase or two is nearly inevitable when furnishing your adult life.  It’s cheap, it works, and they sell frozen yogurt — why not take advantage?  The Ikea Clothes Storage unit is a perfect ‘“just for college” piece.  It’s affordable and practical, and we all know there needs to be a bit more space for clothes in the typical dorm room.  These storage boxes [at $14.99] will serve you well throughout school, but come graduation day, you’ll be ready to say adieu.


The Yube Cube – These puppies have quite the life span.  With their easy assembly and durability, they scream “perfect for the dorm.”  One Yube unit goes for $34.50; you can get two for $70.  You can put one next to or under your desk to hold your class essentials; or you can stack two on top of each other, put them next to your bed, and you’ve got a night stand.  The real deal point is that these are made to last you a long, long while.  If something goes awry with your Yube, you’re able to buy replacement parts.  Once college life has come to an end, these will help launch you into your “recent grad” lifestyle.


Walmart Throw Pillows – Even when we’re on the tightest of budgets, we ladies love us some decor!  Even a $10 throw pillow can make our little space feel a bit more homey.  In my experience, throw pillows see a lot of wear and tear during college life, so parting with them during year 4 may be inevitable.


Target Keurig – The need for coffee varies from person to person.  In college, I was one of those people who simply needed coffee to function.  There was way too much school to deal with without a tall blonde roast in my hand, which is why I wish I would have invested in a Keurig.  Through my years at school, I probably spent more money on coffee than anything else, and my “disposable income” was nearly non-existent.  [Side Note: This is the time in my life when I became extremely comfortable with black coffee.]  A Keurig will see you through many a finals week, and will be there by your side during post-grad life to provide you with just the kick you need to jumpstart your work day.