How to Take Care of Those Eyebrows

I have to admit, I am an eyebrow enthusiast. If there is one thing that I do before I leave my house, I make sure my brows are combed and looking tidy. I attribute this habit to having bushy eyebrows all throughout middle school—the most awkward time of my life that I’d never like to go back to, thank you very much. Anyways, since then I’ve picked up a few tricks of the eyebrow trade that I’d like to share with you.

1. Know who is waxing your brows. I have heard horror stories when it comes to getting eyebrows waxed! Do your research and go to a place that specializes in waxing. I recently found a waxing salon that I absolutely love, and it was all due to looking up reviews on Yelp! Once you find a place you trust, be very clear about what you want/don’t want your eyebrows to look like.

2. Go easy on the plucking. It’s easy to have a heavy hand when it comes to plucking.  Let your eyebrow salon take care of the shaping. If you need to clean up random flyaway’s, that’s fine. Just don’t let your tweezers go near that arch!

3. Don’t pluck above your brow. If you start plucking above your brow, chances are you’ll be taking away from your natural arch. This often times results in a droopy looking brow, and you don’t want that. Keep the plucking to above the eye/below the brow.

4. When getting ready in the morning, comb your brows with an eyebrow brush to add that clean, tidy look to your face. If your eyebrows get crazy during the day, consider using brow gel to hold them in place.

Good luck! Remember, when in doubt, go to a waxing salon and let them take care of your brows for you!

Locals Only: I just recently found a waxing salon in Escondido called Blush and Silk

Waxing, and they’re amazing. If you’re in San Diego County and are looking for a trusty waxing salon, try them out!