5 Pieces of Equipment for At-Home Workouts

  • Yoga mat: In yoga, the mat aids in balance as well as prevents slipping.  As you try new exercises at home, using a yoga mat can help to prevent injury when performing tricky moves.  Laying out a mat also sets the scene. By preparing your workout area, you feel more committed to complete your workout rather than resign to turning on Saturday morning cartoons.

  • 10 lb weights: Two 10 lb hand weights are versatile and can be added to workouts that may not have required weight in the first place. Alternating between using weight and not using weight can challenge your body.

  • Stretch band or cord, rope will even do: Stretching is an important piece to any workout and can be done every day whether you have time to workout after or not. Start off your morning by stretching, welcoming your body back into consciousness and preventing injury as you begin your workout or day.  A stretch band or rope will help you to extend your stretches safely especially if you’re not overly limber. Reaching your feet might be a trick for you, so something as simple as a cord can really help you get a deep stretch without overextending your muscles.

  • Stability ball: I use one instead of a chair, not necessarily as a reason for better posture since you can practice better posture and active sitting no matter what you’re sitting on, but to encourage myself to sneak in crunches during moments of writer’s block at my computer. For exercises you want to choose a size that fits your height; too big or too small can make certain exercises awkward and less effective. There are so many different exercises that can be done with a stability ball that you can easily put together a full body workout.

  • Jump rope: Take your cardio anywhere easily with this piece. If the last time you jump roped was back in elementary school, you’ll be surprised how quickly your heart rate gets up!