Clothes Swaps

Clothing swaps.­ There is no better way to go shopping without spending a dime, I promise you. I’ll be real, when I first heard of these so­-called clothing swaps, I was a bit weirded out. It sounded like a lot of work for potentially very little payoff. And then I saw the light.

When I was getting ready to make my move back to San Diego, I purged my closet; I gathered all the clothes that I no longer wanted or needed or fit and put them in a pile to go off to the Salvation Army. Between the clothes my mom gave me from before I left for college, some worn winter pieces, and my initial purge pile, I had quite the donation. My best friend had mentioned to me earlier that week that she needed a new shirt for work, and my other friend was in the middle of looking for a good winter coat, both of which I had. I called the ladies up, and told them I was coming over pronto with quite the delivery, and before I knew it the 3 of us were in the kitchen surrounded by and floating in all the clothes we’ve been meaning to get rid of. I landed a couple key pieces I had been looking for, my bff got her uniform shirt, and my other bff landed a warm dress coat. Their mom even got in on the party and tried on a couple winter sweaters.

Score much?

I’m pretty sure I will never again partake in that successful of an impromptu clothing swap, but it was so successful that I would now go out of my way to organize one because ­ let me tell you ­ these events are well­ worth your time, ladies. Having one with friends is great because you may even already know what a couple of your friends need or have been looking for. You know their established style, and it makes it that much more rewarding. Accessories, shoes, clothes, bags ­ these items are all quite swapable.

If you’re nearing a transition period where you are going to need some fresh clothes, such as graduating college or starting a new job, I highly suggest rounding up your best lady friends and having the swap of your lives!