Dreams Are Scary

Lately I’ve been having really weird dreams. Like, vivid dreams, where I wake up covered in sweat, convinced that what I just experienced was real. Honestly, I can’t even repeat most of them to my husband because they are absolutely bizarre and scary. So, lately when I hear things like, “Make your dreams come true!” I get chicken skin and think, “Oh h*ll no! My dreams are insane! I do not want them coming true!”

Even excluding the last few weeks, nine times out of ten, my dreams make absolutely no sense and the last thing I want to do is have them come true.

Where did the idea that we should make our dreams come true even come from? Is everyone else having wonderful, peaceful dreams in which their deepest longings and desires come to life moments after the head hits the pillow?

According to Veronica Tonay, a clinical psychologist and lecturer at the University of California, Santa Cruz, “Nobody really knows why we dream,” Tonay continues, “but it’s obviously a necessary biological process because we all do it, every one of us, and it might have some survival purpose behind it.”

She goes on to say that two thirds of our dreams are unpleasant.


In light of my recent psycho dream streak, I’m going to agree with her.

But then I realize, aren’t the dreams that we actually want to come true pretty intimidating – even scary – too? Those daydreams you have of finally going all in and pursuing your dream career or accepting your third Oscar. That seems pretty insane too, right?