A Twist on Grilled Cheese

Who doesn’t love a warm, buttery, cheesy, grilled cheese?

This classic will never grow old.  I loved them when I was little, and I love them as a 23-year-old.  The unique thing about the grilled cheese is that it’s a blank canvas of sorts.  You can turn your Kraft singles on Wonder Bread into a decadent sandwich with avocado, brie, and strawberries.

My husband and I did this recently.  We brought bacon into the mix, of course.  We had leftover bacon strips from weekend brunch, and we needed a way to use those suckers up!

I give you our own, most recent, little twist on the classic grilled cheese:

Grilled cheese with goat cheddar and bacon with a side of roasted red pepper soup.

Ingredients: Goat Cheddar [from Trader Joe’s], Apple Smoked Wood Bacon [from Trader Joe’s], and Roasted Red Pepper Soup [from, what do you know, Trader Joe’s].

grated goat cheese

Step one: Grate the goat cheese. [*Note: goat cheese melts easier and faster if it’s grated rather than cut into slices.]

frying bacon in a pan

Step two: Get the bacon going!  It’s easier if the bacon strips are cut in half.

grilled cheese in a pan

Step three: In the meantime, start buttering the bread and heating up the pan for your sandwiches.

red pepper soup

Step four:  Set the red pepper soup in a pot on low as it will warm up quickly.

grilled cheese with bacon

Step five: Add cooked bacon on top of cheese sprinkled on the buttery bread goodness and grill ‘em!

cooking grilled cheese

When the bread turns golden brown, it’s time to announce dinner is served!

grilled cheese for dinner