Staple Items I’m Saving For

Listen, I love skipping into  H&M or Forever21 and loading up on $5 screen t’s and fist fulls of costume jewelry. It’s fun to buy cheap trendy clothes! When it’s cheap, you don’t feel bad when you donate trash bags full of the stuff to make room for the next round of seasonal trends.

Although fast fashion is great, there are a few staple, high end, items that I really would like to have come home and live with me. These are items that are timeless, versatile, and transcend trends. Staple items can be a little tricky. I think, on some level, the fashion items that you should spend more money on depend on your lifestyle and personal style aesthetic. For example, if you work in a doctor or lawyers office, the items you should invest in to be a part of your wardrobe non-seasonal wardrobe are going to be very different than those of a woman who is a graphic designer.

Below are a few items that I have stumbled upon recently that fit my style perfectly and will be glorious additions to my closet for years to come. (When I can actually afford to purchase them.)

Tailored Pants

I discovered these pants whilst online shopping on Zoe. I think a cigarette pant is one of those items that is completely timeless and lovely on many different body types If I were to purchase this exact pair, I would get them tailored to ensure that they hug and fit correctly in all the right places. Also, I’ve got super short legs – tailoring is usually a must.

tailored pant trouser

A Classic Watch

Of course a watch has a practical element to it. But, when most of us use our phones to check the time, I feel like watches are more of an aesthetic choice rather than a practical need to tell the time at any moment. I think a tortoise and gold or even a rose gold watch can raise the chic-ness of any outfit for any occasion. Here’s the link for this one.


michael kors tortoise shell watch

Classic Bag, Bold Color

I love bold bags. I think investing in colorful bag allows you to always have a way to spice up your favorite basics. When it comes to purses that won’t lose their sass with passing fads, the key is purchasing those that have a classic shape and silhouette. Kate Spade is the queen of classically chic bags that won’t lose their luster. I am absolutely in love with this bag:

kate spade turquoise bag battery park city ruthie