Budget Buys Of The Week

When it comes to finding discounts, markdowns, and sales, it’s all about timing and planning. If you know you’re going to be heading out to score some deals, try planning by having a list of two or three items that you know you need most right now. Then, depending on what is available, you’ll be able to get exactly what you actually need at the best possible price.

I’m going to start a weekly series here on the blog showing y’all the weekly sales and discounts at some of my favorite big box and chain stores. I’ll start with my favorites, but I’m always open to new things! Comment down below about stores you want me to scour for the best weekly deals.

Home Goods

If you aren’t familiar with this store, it’s basically the TJMaxx for all of your home furnishing, non-DIY needs. Even when things aren’t on final clearance here, you can score some serious deals. But, ladies, this is one of those store that requires planning before entering. There are so many cute things that if you go in to “just look” you will drop more cash than you should. Plan, plan, plan! This week it looks like HG is trying to move some bedding and towels. I found hand towels and small face cloths for under $5 as well as sheets and throws up to 70% off.

Towels and Bathroom Accessories

Sheets and Bedding

Lamps and Lighting



I’m pretty sure it’s a waste of words to talk about the glorious treasure trove that is Target. This store provides the perfect example of timing when it comes to bargain hunting. There inventory gets rotated faster than Lady Gaga’s hair color. Here’s what I found this week:

Bags and Wallets

Not a huge sale, but Covergirl products are on a bit of a markdown. I really like their powders for acne prone skin.

Several beauty products including my absolute favorite lipsticks, the Revlon Lip Butters, are also on a bit of a markdown.


Nordstrom Rack

To be honest, Nordstrom Rack isn’t my favorite discount store. They do have some pretty amazing brands at a discount but, when you’re discounting items that are well into three digits to begin with, you’re still spending a lot of money compared to a TJMaxx or a Ross. But I do love perusing the Nordstrom Rack shoe clearance section. In the past I’ve found some pretty rockin’ kicks for myself as well as for my husband.