When in Doubt, Shepherd’s Pie

There are points during the week [usually Thursdays] when I walk into my pantry/fridge and realize I have many odds and ends, but I’m missing a base – meat, pasta, etc.  These are also the points when I wish I was a meal-planning expert.

Last week, I got creative.  I looked in the fridge and saw the carrots, celery, spinach, potatoes; I glanced in the freezer and saw chicken sausage.  I hesitated then thought, shepherd’s pie.

Odds and ends scream “shepherd’s pie” as you can get creative and throw all your nearly expired, old vegetables into the mix.

I will say, making shepherd’s pie can be quite the ordeal.  It’s a multi-step process.  Boiling and mashing the potatoes, cooking the veggies and meat, then baking takes some time, but if you’re on a budget it’s a great way to use up the leftovers in your kitchen before they go to waste!

I used a recipe as a guide, but here’s what I ended up doing.

What I used:





Chicken broth

Chicken sausage [Typically, shepherd’s pie is made with ground beef.]


Green pepper



Salt to taste


What I did:

Preheated oven to 400.

Peeled, washed, and boiled potatoes.  Mashed with butter, pepper, and garlic.  Set aside.

Sauteed onion; added vegetables.

While the veggies were acookin’ I cooked the meat, then added it to the veggies with chicken broth.  Let simmer.

Poured mixture into oven safe dish, topped off with mashed potatoes and sprinkled with paprika.

Baked until bubbly and brown [around 30 minutes].

shepards pie on a budget