5 Horror Movies You’ve Never Seen

In honor of Halloween quickly approaching, here are a few horror movies you’ve probably never seen:

Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl: This one is as ridiculous as it sounds, as comical as it is gruesome. The story is the tried and true high school love triangle, but this time the battle over love is between vampira and monster. I’m sure some great drinking games go with this one!

Old Boy: Before you run out to watch the American remake coming out this November starring Josh Brolin (Goonies big brother), solve the mystery by previewing the Korean original. Who-done-it films will always be a favorite for me, and the twist in Old Boy’s mystery just might put a twist in your stomach, too.

The Chaser: This Korean murder mystery will keep you in a panic as you try to catch your breath running alongside ex-cop-now-pimp as he tries to find out where one of his ladies has disappeared to. The film forces you to play “beat the clock” more than once in hopes of saving her from a brutal serial killer.

Haute Tension: Nothing is creepier than a farm in the middle of the night and someone tailing you and your best girl friend as you try to make your way through the forest. Hog-tied and beaten, who knows when these two girls will make it to safety. Bloody, thrilling, and the French keeps it sexy.

Memories of Murder: Another Korean mystery to make you worry about the efficiency of the South Korean police department. A detective team scours every avenue to catch and even bait a local serial killer who targets women in red. With the help of one woman who escaped him, they just might get their man.