Review: Drug Store Concealers For Pale People

It has been extremely well documented that I am of the pale persuasion. Also, I use a couple products that make me extremely sensitive to sunlight, so I’m basically a vampire who has to wear a sun hat to go check the mail. Don’t hate. It’s a way of life.

When it comes to makeup, it is extremely difficult to find foundations and concealers that are my shade. I’m fair skinned with pink undertones, and I’ve found that most drugstore concealers (i.e. those that are most affordable) tend to have yellowish undertones and end up looking too tan for my skin.

But, I have yet to be deterred on my course to find the perfect concealer for my fair face. Every time I go into my local CVS I find myself perusing the new concealers and foundations. Below are a few results of my recent attempts to find my holy grail of concealer.

Rimmel London: Match Perfection Concealer – $4.97


London Rimmel has some of my favorite drugstore products – I won’t buy any other eyeliners. I picked up this concealer hoping those pale Londoners would make my day. This product is a bit different than the concealers below in that it is both a concealer and a highlighter. I knew as I walked up to the checkout that this wouldn’t be ideal for covering up acne or hyperpigmentation, but I thought it would be great for under my eyes and on my cheek bones.

It applied pretty well and I was actually pretty pleased with it later as I walked out the door to film a video. But, then I saw the video I shot – it looked like I had two orange circles around my eyes where I had applied the product. For some reason it wasn’t noticeable in the mirror, but those high def cameras don’t lie!

I won’t be purchasing this again.

Almay Wake Me Up Concealer – $5.39


Almay has one of my favorite pressed powders, so I was optimistic that this under eye concealer would be all of the things the package promised.

I’m not wild about the applicator, but I am a fan of the actual product. Like the London Rimmel 2 in 1, this isn’t meant to be used on blemishes, it’s only for the under eye area. I have pretty oily skin, so without a primer it wears off by mid afternoon. But applied with a primer it stays in place and keeps my eyeballs looking awake and refreshed.

The color was a little dark, but once I put foundation and a bit of powder on it was just fine. If they made it a shade lighter I would definitely repurchase.

Elf Concealer – $4.00


One fine Wednesday after work I was perusing my local TJMaxx for discounted candles, as one does. As I approached the checkout I noticed a bin of final-clearanced beauty items. I couldn’t resist. I came across this concealer and because I am intrigued by anything with the words “ivory” and “full coverage” on the label, I threw it in my basket. Plus, it was $1.50. I didn’t want to lose money on this!

Well folks, I won’t be purchasing this again. It’s no where near my color and honestly I don’t know who thought this was even remotely “ivory.”

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer (110) – $6.99


I first heard about this from makeup artist and YouTuber GossMakeUpArtist. He raved about it being a great drugstore concealer for under eyes and most blemishes. He’s never steered me wrong before and I figured I’d give it a whirl. Guys, listen to GossMakeUpArtist! This is my current favorite concealer for my entire face.

I actually really like the entire Maybelline Fit Me line including the foundation stick. I particularly recommend it if you have oily skin.

What’s your favorite drugstore concealer? Any tips for a pale girl?