Got Clutter? Get Cute Baskets

My husband and I live in a walk-up condo. This is the second place we’ve rented since we’ve been married, and it is a major step up from our first apartment. Our previous abode was an 800-square-foot one bedroom on the same block as a sketchy medical marijuana facility. As you can image, there were some memorable odors and seedy characters that came drifting through that neighborhood.

Now we live in a tricked-out two bedroom pad in a family friendly neighborhood complete with several dog parks and an HOA.

When we first moved in, I couldn’t imagine we’d ever fill the space. We came from an area half the size and the two of us aren’t much for clutter. But as time continues, I find myself trying to find creative ways to store more and more little things around our home.

Because we are renting, we don’t want to damage the walls with mounted shelves or any type of wall unit – as cute as those can be. One thing that has really worked with our style and aesthetic has been free standing wicker and patterned baskets.

You can get great baskets everywhere from the thrift store to Michaels to Home Goods (which is where I got the ones pictured below).

I love how something so simple and inexpensive can store the most random little bits and bobs of clutter, and turn it into a purposeful interior design choice.

This pile of stuff is all of the items we use to teach Sunday school. Since we teach once a week, I wanted everything to be accessible, but it didn’t really have a place sitting out on our coffee table or hanging off the shelf.

I found this really cool patterned box at Home Goods for $6.00. I think it’s a great accent on this otherwise neutral book shelf, and pops off of the mod patterned rug just a few feet away.

I’ve recently been asking my husband to make me work out at home three to four times a week. I got this cute yoga mat from Target for $15, and that white cylinder is actually used in some stretches my chiropractor taught me to do. I don’t really want to put these in my closet because I’ll forget about them and never work out or stretch again. I want them near where I spend the most time so I actually use them.

I found this basket at Home Goods for $10, and I think it fills up the space near our wine rack quite nicely. Plus, it’s big enough for me to put my little hand weights in and any other home workout accessories I may end up adding to the collection.

This is what you used to see if you were to walk into our condo. Up those stairs is our actual living space, but a big ‘ole pile of shoes isn’t exactly homey or inviting. I don’t want my husband’s grodey hiking boots or running shoes in our clothes closet, and I like to keep my walking shoes near the door so I can take my puppy outside quickly. (When he’s gotta go, he’s GOTTA GO!) Also, I don’t want my roller blades getting filled with spiders in the garage. That’s no bueno.

Solution? Another $10 basket from Home Goods! It might seem a little silly or obvious, but it just makes that pile of shoes look a little less haphazard. Plus, I think it’s just a cute basket.

How do you deal with clutter in a small or rented space?