My Therapy Is Of The Shoe Persuasion

You know that scene in every romantic comedy? Our girl just got her heart broken by the man who oozes charm and Ivy League. (It’s okay, we all know he’s actually a jerk. And she’s better than him. *Insert snap and hip pop.) She’s strewn across her roommate’s futon, her hair in a scrunchie and mascara pours down her face as she downs a tub of Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food.

Or how about this one. Picture Carrie Bradshaw or some such fashionable waif. She’s just landed her dream job AND a hot date with the boss’s assistant. This lady obviously deserves a new pair of pumps! So she gets them!

Whether it’s stress, sadness, or pure elation, we’ve all got our own version of do-it-yourself therapy. But we women are a complicated brood. When it comes to self-medicating, our choices seem to change with age and the severity of the sitch we find ourselves in.

Me? Well, I love a good chocolate binge. But I have to say I get quite a rush after a stressful week when I score a statement pair of shoes. I feel like it’s one thing to go out and buy a pair of shoes for a specific event – your cousin’s wedding, a job interview. That’s just being practical. But when a purchase comes from an emotional place, I’m way more connected to that purchase than those bridesmaid shoes I had to buy. Yay, womanhood!

I should probably pause here and acknowledge the fact that my blog is called broke but bougie, not Bougie And Cash Money. So when it comes to retail therapy it’s all about moderation (and TJMaxx, usually).

Here are a few of my recent therapeutic shoe purchases. Remember people, everything in moderation. What’s your therapy of choice?

Ruche $35

I’d seen this style of flat all over the blogosphere and I had to find a pair. I discovered these on one of my favorite online shops, This pair was reasonably priced, neutral, with just the perfect amount of quirkiness.

Rocket Dog $49.95

Recently, I’ve been having a major obsession with ankle booties. I think it’s mostly because I desperately want it to be truly fall – complete with cool weather and knee high boots – here in Southern California. But, alas, it’s still in the seventies. These ankle booties don’t get too hot but still have that fall feel. The link is to purchase them on Zappos for about $50, but I scored them at TJMaxx for $35. Heeyyyyy!