A Walking Dead Inspired Outfit

With season four of The Walking Dead starting on October 13th, it’s time to gear up and make sure your closet is ready for the zombie apocalypse!

Cargo pants are the obvious pick with their utilitarian value. Multiple pockets for quick ammo storage or dry rations.

Bullet-studded belt because the more ammo the better, and you’ll need somewhere to hang your machete!

A tank to stay cool and a vest to look cool. You might as well show off those toned muscles after all the zombie fights you’ve won.WalkingDead

Leather biker boots to protect your feet on and off the chopper.

Wallet cuff really ties the look together with biker-chic utility and a great place to hide the only photo left of your family.

With a pocket knife around your neck, you’ll never be caught unarmed.

Keep water and other supplies in your satchel. You never know when you’ll be separated from the rest of the group.