My Go-To Outfit

Since graduating from college, my go-to outfit has been skinny jeans, a blazer, ankle booties and a screen t-shirt. The skinny jeans and blazer keep it sophisticated but the screen t-shirt and booties are funky, quirky and completely my style.

One thing I love about screen t’s is that there are seemingly endless colors, styles and moods that you can find them in — perfect for everything from a weeknight date or a day at your creative office. 

Here are a few of my recent online t-shirt finds. Which one is your favorite?


1. California

I was born in Oakland, California. I guess you could say I’m a Cali girl, but I have also lived in five other states. I love the ease of this t and the fact that the fabric is softer than most baby blankets.


2. Mid West Work Ethic

Have I mentioned that I love army green? I love army green. Any time I can find a shirt, coat or hat in that color I am on that thing faster than you can say “camo”. I think it’s the perfect counter-color to a dark blue or even a distressed or acid washed jean. Plus, we can all use some inspiration to get our work ethic on, #amiright?


3. Sans Serif

I’m going to be honest with you guys — this one is inspired completely by my husband. He’s a graphics designer. He keeps it classy.