Basics And Flowy Tops

With the cooler weather comes my excessive sporting of leggings and boots. I love this combo because it is simple, chic, and extremely comfortable.

Now, I have to mention here that leggings are not pants. I’m serious here, ladies. Leggings are not appropriate with skin tight t-shirts, crop tops, or any top that doesn’t fully cover your bum. I’m all for working what you got, but keep the booty to yourself when in public.

This brings me to tunic tops. Tunic tops are the perfect combo with basic leggings and knee high boots. There are endless color, texture, and price point possibilities with both of these wardrobe staples. Plus, when they fit properly, not only do tunics cover your trunk, they are slimming and sophisticated.

I was recently perusing the clearance rack at my local Target store, and came across the two tops pictured below. Both were originally $25, but I was able to score them for $15 each.

I paired both tops with the same Steve Madden brown boots (purchased at the end of the season last year for $100), a simple pair of Victoria Secret leggings, and a $2 black tank top from Forever 21.

I got my earrings from a boutique here in San Diego called Graffiti Beach. They are made from recycled bike tires. Super hipster, right?

My $12.99 beanie is also from Target.

This cross body bag was a $2 find at my local Salvation Army; I hauled it as seen in this video. My feather ring is from an Etsy shop called RADGiftsAndJewelry.

What’s your favorite leggings and boots combo?