13 Tips To Start Your Own Blog

We here at BBB love our blogs. Clearly. But if you find yourself itching to get some written word published online, consider starting your own blog. Start out with a free site like WordPress that helps out with templates. Next step…find your niche. Here are 13 tips to start your own blog!

  • Personal Story: Memoirs are powerful stories to recount, especially if they involve great struggle or triumph. Go to a local nursing home or hospital to interview a good assortment of folks with tales from antiquity. You’ll be surprised how many little details each person remembers, and the tendency toward tales of unforeseen kindness.

  • Historical Event: Let go of the Titanic and World War II to educate the public about some other historical events. Think Radiation in Chernobyl, Shortage of Quinoa in Bolivia, and the Conversion of Croatian female sex-symbol Tatiana Tajci.

  • Reviews (movies, books, products): Pick the newest movie, a random library book, or an overrated product and comment. With China being the world’s primary exporter and the USA as primary consumer, there are plenty of things to talk about in between. Dedicate a few bucks each month to buy a product you wouldn’t otherwise treat yourself to and write an honest review, perhaps using family members and friends to comment as well.

  • Comment on Powerful Quote: Here are some great sites to find quotes: quotegarden.com, brainyquote, and my favorite: thinkexist.com. Type in a generic topic (beauty, truth, goodness…wine) and watch the wisdom pour in. Be inspired, and write.

  • Inspiration from a Great Photo: Find a great picture on National Geographic or Google search; write about the story behind it. A picture’s worth 1000 words. The story can be fact or fiction.

  • News Commentary: Heard a great news story, and dissatisfied with the coverage? Pursue it, and write about it. Journalism career—here you come!

  • Report on an Interesting Conversation or Interview: People-watching can be a lot of fun. Eavesdropping is even better. Just kidding! But seriously, if you happen to overhear a great conversation, preserve privacy but write it down. People need a good laugh and thought-provoking metaphysics to get through the day.

  • How To’s: How to make a smoothie, how to get out a red wine stain, how to survive a zombie apocalypse attack. The possibilities are endless.

  • List of Resources: Already in a career industry? Share some secrets. If you’ve found great products or tools that make your job easier, share them! If not applicable to a career, hobby news can go far too!

  • Answer Questions: Dear Abby is SO five minutes ago. Or is it? People still have questions, and if you don’t know the answers, research will be a great excuse to continue that life-learning you’ve wanted to keep up on after college.

  • Simplify a Complex Task: Every expert started as a novice, and I guarantee we could all use a few lessons on life. Take something your grandpa taught you, that most people struggle with, and simplify it. Invite others to share your same joy in the ultimate “life hacks.”

  • Explain the Rationale for a Decision: Play both sides of the coin for tough decisions… etiquette for wedding gifts, when to break up with a lover, and why choose a certain grad school. Let your devil’s advocate out of the cage!

  • Teach a Forgotten Lesson:  My grandma used to prepare all her appetizer vegetables the day before a party and put them in a glass of water in the fridge for freshness. What other secrets from past generations should we consider re-implementing?