I don’t want to be one of those fashion people who claims to be three years ahead of the latest trends. But when it comes to beanies, I have to say, I’ve been rocking them hard since 2008.

I’ve always been a hat person. In fact, my mother’s first words to me were, “Oh, honey, we are going to be heavily into bonnets.” Needless to say, I was genetically “blessed” with a large head, so hats have been my go to accessory since — well, since birth.

The beanie can be a bit daunting if you typically don’t wear hats at all. My thoughts? Rock what you want! (Within reason, of course.) To get you started, I thought I’d share some outfit inspiration to get your hat goddess turnt up! Also, if you’re not sure where to find a great beanie on the cheap, I highly recommend Amazon and eBay. You can find the most adorably slouchy beanies for well under $20.


Easy Hipster

Okay, there’s no need to overthink this hat thing. Start with texture. This beanie is soft and woven, so try juxtaposing it with harder pieces like a leather jacket and combat boots. Warm and oh-so hipster.

Beanie | Jacket | Jeans | Booties | Bag

Get Cozy

A beanie lends itself to cozy outfits that work for everything from traveling to a casual date. Try pairing your favorite bold and bright beanie with a simple skater skirt. Oh! And don’t forget the leggings — got to stay warm!

Beanie | Sweater | Skirt | Leggings | Boots

Dress It Up

Maybe when I say beanies, you might think sweat pants and slippers, but oh contraire! Try throwing on a beanie with your favorite dress and boots!

Beanie | Dress | Bag | Socks | Boots

Some of my latest beanie sporting action. Follow @brokebutbougie on Instagram for more outfit posts!