5 Cheap Ways To Take Care Of Your Health

It’s no secret that health care is expensive. Here are 5 cheap ways to take care of your health:

Free Massage: Check out your local massage schools and feel good about helping those masseuses-in-training get their required hours for certification. Most places will be discounted, so you won’t need to spend more than $25 for 50-60 minutes. Plenty of clinics are free, so do your research…and don’t forget to tip! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, may I recommend the Southern California Health Institute in North Hollywood, offering Early Bird Specials of $17 for 50 minutes between 9am and 11am?

Foot Massage: One of the hidden gems of the orient, foot massages are great stress reducers. Reflexology or the study of using parts on your feet to aid in digestion, muscle-relaxation, headaches, etc., is put into practice while you lay on a low, gentle bed. Calming music plays, warm towels grace your tight limbs, and if you’re lucky, you might even land a brief neck massage while your feet soak. Be mindful, this is definitely a massage, not a pedicure, so appreciate the well-spent $15/30min as your float out, regardless of your toenail color.

Groupon: I can’t stress this enough! Groupon has GREAT deals for workout classes to provide that extra communal motivation. My roommate and I are signed up for Cardio Barre in Beverly Hills, a $169 value for 10 classes…but we got them for $39. That’s $4 a class, ladies and gents! Ballet not your thing? Kickboxing, rowing, kayaking, rock climbing, archery…grab your sibling, lover, or friend and try a new hobby while feeling great.

Camping: While weather will dictate the use of this cheap getaway, camping is a phenomenal way to relax into nature’s calm routine. If the thought of bugs and tents makes you queasy, check out Sunset Magazine for great ideas to make your vacation luxurious. I mean, who doesn’t like a nice, warm fire and cuddles before bedtime? Pack good shoes, a flashlight, and plenty of water for this hotel-alternative at $12-$50/night. There are state, public, and privately-owned campgrounds all over the country. Even the KOA’s prices vary amongst states, so do a little research. If you’ve only got a tent, no need to worry about trailer “hookup” sites. Living local? Consider making a one-time annual donation of $25 to the California State Park Foundation to receive membership and 7 free day passes (at time of writing this article). Then, enjoy 5% off camping reservations, and monthly discount coupons to use in this state and beyond. Get out of the city and into the wilderness for some much-needed R&R.

Get into Gardening: Before you start protesting that you have a black thumb, hear me out. The four most common sources of killing your plants are 1) overwatering, 2) underwatering, 3) not enough sun, 4) too much sun. A little factual knowledge and female intuition will get you luscious herbs, sweet peppers, and vibrant leaves in no time. Buy a good organic potting soil (around $5), a few dollar-store plastic pots, and pick out a few plants. You know those plastic labels that come with the plant? READ THEM! Partial sun means about half of the day. Not sure if your plants need water? Poke your finger about 1-2” down. Droopy leaves might be from a sun-fry and not lack of watering. Have a little faith and grow your own mental zen. Plants are much less expensive than pets, children, spouses, and in-laws to maintain!