20 Little Things I’m Thankful For

This was going to be a list of all of the things that I’m thankful for. But I realized that creating a comprehensive list would be next to impossible. While this is a list of things that I am grateful for, these are the little things that make my life, day to day, a truly lovely one.

If you’d like a more condensed, serious list, check out the video that Kate and I filmed.

So, I’m thankful for all of those things, plus:

1. Hot Water – For bubble baths, mostly. It just comes out of the faucet in my house, and most of the world doesn’t have clean drinking water. Blessed? Completely.

2. My Puppy – Sometimes, it’s the little (furry) things that can lift my spirits and make me smile after a long day.

3. Music – “If music be the food of love, play on.” That Shakespeare guy knew how to put words together.

4. Lazy Sundays – While my husband and I do like to go out, we tend to keep Sundays set aside for rest. It usually ends up being my favorite day of the week.

5. Laughter – I’ll let Mark Twain take this one. “The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter.”

6. Red Wine – Few things can relax me like a glass of red wine and a great book. I’m thankful for those moments.

7. Words and Language – Every summer in high school, I worked on the production of The Miracle Worker that takes place each summer at Helen Keller’s birthplace in Tuscumbia, Alabama. That show gave me an incredible appreciation for words and language. Towards the end of the show, Anne Sullivan says to the mute Helen Keller, “You can see five thousand years back in a light of words. Everything we feel, think, know and share, in words, so not a soul is in darkness or done with, even in the grave. And I know, I know, one word and I can put the world in your hands.” I love that. It’s a beautiful reminder to be thankful for the gift of language.

8. T.J.Maxx and Trader Joe’s – These are the stores that I frequent most often. I’m thankful that they are close by and cost effective.

9. Seasons – Living in Southern California, the seasons are anything but varied. So, the times when I get to experience the seasons, I’m truly thankful.

10. Change – I can’t express how thankful I am for growth and change. It can be scary as heck. But it really is a beautiful thing.

11. Sleep – A soft pillow, a warm blanket and a few hours. Bliss.

12. Dancing – We all need a good solo dance party every now and then.

13. Chocolate – This might be a bit cliche. But my name is Bridget and I’m a chocoholic.

14. Plans – I’m a planner. I love making plans and having them actually happen. But plans change. And that’s okay too.

15. Hugs – Got troubles? Hug it out.

16. Coffee – A hot cup of coffee with some vanilla almond milk is a Monday — scratch that — an everyday, must have.

17. Challenges – Overcoming a challenge is something I live for. There’s nothing you can’t do. I’m thankful for the challenges I’ve overcome and the ones I have yet to conquer.

18. Driving – The road, good music, a travel buddy, mmm mmm good.

19.  Productivity – I’m thankful for the time when I can get things done. It makes those times of rest that much sweeter.

20. You – I’m truly thankful for you! Thank you for reading this and supporting Broke But Bougie!

Happy Thanksgiving to you!