Jurlique Review

I’m not one to hop from beauty product to beauty product.  I jumped around in my skincare routine during my high school years, falling into believing everything the pretty packages told me.  I spent a lot of money, and my skin was not reflecting the promised results.

So I eventually stopped.  I stopped going down the skincare aisle in Target just to peruse, and I started to research a product if I needed something new.

But when Jurlique sent us some products to try, I was intrigued by the natural ingredients.  When I really liked the results, I had to write about it.  I tried the exfoliator and the purifying mist.

I tend to not like exfoliators.  They burn and just feel like they are drying out my skin when they are on my face. The usual results?  Dry skin and redness.  With Jurlique, this wasn’t the case.  It felt refreshing when on my skin, and it left my skin feeling rejuvenated.  If you are particularly sensitive to chemicals or harsh products, I’d highly recommend this one.

Now facial mists, I love!  I’ve made a couple DIY mists for summer and was excited to try this Jurlique mist that acts as a toner.  It was light and refreshing and did the job.  I use this mist on my feet, too.  After a long workout or a hot shower, nothing feels better than a spritz or two.


Thumbs up for Jurlique.