Mary Kay: Your Grandma’s Make-Up No Longer

Something about the Mary Kay cosmetics name used to make me think of debutante balls, middle-aged southern women, and old ladies who wore too much rouge. (Stereotypes? I don’t know, but forgive me the references.) Two months ago, I ran out of excuses. With 50 years in the business and $3 billion in annual wholesale sales, I was going to give Mary Kay products a try.

The afternoon at the local Mary Kay offices began just how you might think it would: a fair amount of ladies huddled around mirrors, samples and a sprinkling of bright pink. Most of us ladies had a smattering of makeup already on since we had started our day hours before, so for us, Mary Kay’s Oil-Free Makeup Remover became our gateway drug. No joke, it was ridiculous how fast and lash-friendly we found this remover to be. (For me, when I get home at the end of the day, the first thing I want to do is get undressed, and that includes my face.)  Not only that, I found a foundation (my first foundation) that I could live with. After my facial and makeover, I felt myself becoming a Mary Kay junky and wondered why more ladies my age weren’t attracted to using the products.

Well, Mary Kay must have noticed too because not long after my afternoon of pampering, I was seeing good ol’ MK crop up everywhere. For the undergraduates, Mary Kay teamed up with Seventeen and Cosmopolitan magazines to do a special Fall College Tour offering free makeovers. Then, in late October, MK announced that it is the official beauty sponsor of Project Runway All Stars. The show’s make-up artists will use Mary Kay beauty products exclusively. In their official press release, VP of U.S. Marketing, Sara Friedman, spells it out: “Project Runway All Stars is the perfect platform to showcase our legendary beauty products and introduce our newest line of born-to-be-fun color cosmetics, Mary Kay At Play™, which focuses on Gen Y and the next generation of Mary Kay brand lovers.”

They are gunning for you, Bougies! Curious about MK products? Here are my top 3 recommendations to check out when you are in the market:

Mary Kay Compact: Yes, it comes empty, but it is ingenious. Packaging sustainability and efficiency at its best, the full-size compact uses a magnetic refill system that allows full customization as well as a handy applicator well.


Mary Kay Makeup Remover: I now have no excuses for not removing my makeup before bed, and my eyelashes thank me.


Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color: These nuggets pop right into the Mary Kay Compact, making it easy to change your compact just as frequently as your outfits.


All products are fully refundable, which is also a huge bonus. Give them a try, and tell us what you think!