True&Co Review: The Home Try-On Bra Service

So you may remember my post, Pad or No Pad, revealing that I boast a 32A and am plenty proud of it. Since my documented frustration with the overly padded VS options, I’ve been on the hunt for classy brassiere alternatives. European brands are amazing and kind to the itty bitty ladies out there, but not so kind to our pocket books. Then I discovered a link to True&Co.

True&Co boasts a unique bra shopping experience, beginning with their online fit quiz that generates a personal bra boutique for every customer. From there, customers can choose from their “fit expert’s selections” as well as “most loved in your size.” The order is sent to the customer’s home for a 7-day home try-on for a refundable deposit. This allows customers to try on bras comfortably in their own homes and with multiple outfits to ensure they find the right fit and test what each bra looks like under various kinds of shirts or dresses.

Hailing from the world’s third largest fashion capital, San Francisco, I decided to try out True&Co and find out just how good their fit quiz and experts really are. After finishing the 14 question quiz, I got started by perusing my personal online bra boutique to make my selections. Now I love my lace and minimal padding, but a big problem I have had with my taste in bras is that the size selection in regular boutiques and stores is limited. When I do find a bra with the look I like, it is ill-fitting and the fabric tends to gape. So when I made my choices at True&Co I selected items that appealed to my taste, as well as “structured” and “seamless” options for a total of five bras: the mission of my home try-on was to see if ALL 5 bras would be gape free.

I first tried on Feathers by Natori, a minimally padded, lace and mesh bra in size 32A suitable for plunging necklines. On the grounds of having no gap between fabric and breast, the bra passed. The fabric sat just where it was supposed to without squeezing or pinching.  Due to the fabric, the bra is best suited to looser tops, otherwise the seam where the padding begins is noticeable beneath a tight fitting or microfiber t-shirt, which is usually the case for lace bras.

Next up was Naked Glamour by Calvin Klein, which offered gradual padding for lift and was nearly seamless save the scalloped detailing at the top of the cups. It should also be noted that I typically lean on Calvin Klein as my designer of choice, so I was disappointed that even after strap adjustments there was a minute gape that caused the bra to not sit flush with my flesh, and looked unsightly underneath a tight fitting t-shirt. No pass.

When I went to try on another version of Calvin Klein, this time the Naked Glamour Triangle that is virtually unlined like the first bra and almost all lace, I prepared myself to be disappointed. Happily, I was not. There was no gaping at the top of my breast nor anywhere else, and the bra remained in place and looked great under my shirt save for the light puckering of a vertical seam in the lace.

The fourth bra was a real rogue called Day No. 25 Pushup by Day to Night that was delivered to me in a size 32B, because 32A didn’t exist (but it was in my shop)! Claiming to be a great t-shirt bra with a flirty edge, the band was lace while the cups were seamless and moderately padded for a slight push-up. I almost didn’t want to give it a chance and the craziest part was that not only did it fit my usual 32A bod, there was also no gaping. The bra passed. The push-up was also not as extreme as to be expected. These days when I hear “push-up,” I can’t help but think of some bra trying to make me two sizes bigger than I am. This bra was a bigger bra, yet it still maintained a shape that was very much all me with just a little oomph in the right place. (No wonder “32A” had shown up in my shop — it was really 32B in this case, and it worked!)

My fifth and last selection was for the lingerie drawer. Emma Elegance by Honeydew was all lace, no padding, no wire, and everything sweet that I like about longline bralettes and rarely find that fit. Marked as a size small, I wondered if it would be small enough or if I would get saggy lace where ultimately boob should be. (Although trying on a 32B with success had given me hope.) The line of lace fit well through the ribs, and without any adjusting my breasts were in place and lace flush against flesh! NO GAP. This no wire, no padding, all lace, little bit of sexy PASSED!

True&Co came out with 4 out of 5 wins which is a historic moment for a gal who typically tries on 7-10 bras at a time in-store and comes out with only one success. The online store also offers shapewear, sports bras, sleepwear, of course matching underwear, and prices that are competitive to your usual VS knickers.