REVIEW: Steve Madden Intyce Boots – Worth The Splurge?

It has been heavily documented via Instagram that I am a big fan of brown boots. I spent the last ten days in Alabama, and these were the only shoes I wore the entire time. Hashtag fashion blogger?

The boots I’ve been sporting for the past year were a bit of a splurge. I used to get the knock off versions of higher end boots at Target. But this last go around I decided to spend a bit more money for something that would last more than one season.

My boots are Steve Madden Intyce boots that typically retail for $130. I was able to snatch them on Piperlime for $100. Still triple digits, I know. But a discount is a discount, right?

These boots have some pretty mixed reviews. Before purchasing I read everything from:

“The fit at the leg part is weird. It’s wide at the ankle and the opening part under the knee. The shape looks unflattering.”


“I have had this pair of boots for over 5 years and they are still wearable yet worn. I ended up re-buying these because nothing else compares to their versatility, comfort, and awesomeness.”

Because I had been eyeing them for several months, I decided to pull a lever and get them. They haven’t disappointed.

I don’t recommend these boots if you have small calves. They are quite wide at the top and if you are very slender, they will probably droop and not make the most flattering of silhouettes.

The leather on the trunk of the boots has held up extremely well, but I do recommend purchasing some clear shoe polish and giving the foot sections a good buffing every few months or so.

This is the second winter I’ve been rocking these boots, and only recently did I notice that the heel is worn down. I plan to get the heels replaced and have been quoted that this will cost around $40.

All in all, I’d say these boots were worth the splurge. I’ve already gotten my money’s worth out of them and I don’t plan to get them replaced until after next season.

Do you have these boots? Or have you splurged on a pair of boots recently and been let down? Let me know!