REVIEW: Sans Souci Red Leather Jacket from TJMaxx

Last Christmas I spent about two weeks in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan with my in-laws. Due to the freezing temperatures and bunches of women in the house, we went on a few shopping trips. One outing was to one of my all time favorite stores, T.J. Maxx.

We weren’t looking for anything in particular (which is always dangerous), when my sister-in-law stumbled upon this red faux leather jacket from Sans Souci. I wasn’t familiar with the brand but was instantly in love with the shape and boldness of this piece. I had been thinking about purchasing a similar jacket in black from Zara, but was hung up on the price. I do love a good pop of color and because this one was $25, I decided to give it a whirl.


I have to say, I’m so glad Ann spotted this jacket!

Let’s just say, I have worn it to death. Because I live in San Diego, this has been an amazing all weather jacket. I’ve worn it on mild fall evenings with just a screen t-shirt underneath, as well as on colder winter nights with a few layers underneath.

I am glad that I didn’t pay more than $25 dollars for this jacket, though, as it has begun to fall apart, much to my chagrin.


Knowing that it is faux leather, I suppose I can’t be too upset. I am, however, quite proud that I opted for a bold red over a neutral black jacket. Perhaps in a few years I’ll have saved enough shekels for a genuine black leather moto jacket. Until then, I think $25 for a good year of stylish warmth is pretty good.

Have you guys tried this brand? Worth it or not? Let me know!