Date A Man Who Teaches

I recently stumbled upon a lovely articled entitled, “Date a Boy Who Travels.” I would highly recommend it, but I also have another focus for dating Mr. Right: Teaching. I don’t mean to say the beau has to be walled up in a wild high school or stuffy Ivy League to impress the gals. Rather, there are certain and very clear attributes which accompany a man who finds the teaching moments of life precious. Try these books too: The Long Way Home, and Wild at Heart, if you like these “manly” themes.

Date a boy who teaches. Date a boy who treasures both the mind and matter as undeniable realities. Date a boy who says, and means, there are no “dumb” questions. Date a boy who teaches because he’s not blinded by ego, but enlivened by hope.

You might find him in a bookstore, browsing both classics and moderns to see how our past affects our future. He’ll be at a little league practice playing catch, in a college theater or at shop class.

You’ll know it’s him because his computer screen background will be a picture of him and someone else, holding up their latest creation. They’ll both be grinning wide. His Facebook updates will be things like, “Just went skydiving, what a rush!” or “Dr. Seuss, I can now quote you in full, thanks to 3-yr-old Delilah.”

When he gets home, give him a massage. He will have spent hours bent over, going through meticulous details and surveying the work. He will sigh gratefully, rub his eyes, and smile contentedly. Allow him some quiet time to go about his routine that is otherwise constantly interrupted by curious minds in need.

He’ll burst out in excitement when a concept is finally grasped. The exhaustion of his patient repetition and slow words won’t matter anymore. He’ll show off his pupil with pride, and they will share a moment of mutual gratitude.

Date the boy who talks of distant mentors. Date a boy who teaches with simplicity. When he talks about having been with a person as they discovered something new and his eyes grow wide and his mouth turns into a smile, and his heart races and his speech grows excited… smile back. He wants you to share that moment too. He’s teaching you how to connect in solidarity.

Date a boy who’s been hungry because he gave away his portion to someone else because he also teaches by example. A boy who teaches has seen people at their peak of confidence, and their low of despair. He’s experienced different ways of learning, and respects that not everyone remembers things by seeing or hearing them, and he knows that the shrugs of a middle-aged housewife and rolled eyes of a businessman are really masked childish curiosity.

Your parents will be happy too because he values time and sincerity.

Date this boy because he will be generous and sacrifice his own agenda for you, in love.