5 Go To Broke But Bougie Fashion Brands

I like to shop.

I love the thrill of scoring a great deal on something that fits me just right. I love holding out for a great sale and even trying on items I’ll never be able to afford. A girl can dream in Miu Miu shoes, right?

Because I’m a girl who does her best to rock cheap clothes in expensive ways, I have a go-to list of budget friendly stores that have yet to let me down. And here they are! In no particular order:


Amazon is typically my go-to for all things that must be ordered — usually appliances and books. But recently it’s become a go-to for clothes as well! I’ve ordered everything from beanies from South Korea to earrings from Los Angeles. The range of products and prices is amazing, and I have yet to receive an overpriced dud. The key with this site is doing your homework and reading the reviews for each product and brand.


This is an online fashion recycling God-send. You can mail in your gently used clothes (great motivation to spring clean)! Twice will review and photograph each item and give you cash for the items it will resell. You can also just shop the site directly! I’ve scored everything from J.Crew pants to American Apparel tops for less than half the price of what they were originally.

H&M and Forever 21

I lumped these two together because I feel like they are the most obvious go-tos for fast fashion. If you were to look in my closet, close to half the items are from one of these two stores. #noshame


This brand originated in Japan, but has since become a global fast-fashion retailer. I first discovered the brand whilst creating collages on Polyvore. I’ve only ordered a few items from this store, but haven’t been let down yet. I was able to visit a brick and mortar store while on vacation with my family in London. Think a less cluttered H&M. It’s a great go-to for staples and basic items.


You could probably glance at my Instagram account and deduce that I’m a total #maxxinista. I love this store for everything from designer booties (I have too many pairs courtesy of T.J.’s) to amazing discounts on my favorite candles and home goods.

What are your go-to broke but bougie brands?