4 Ways To Reuse Old Wine Bottles

Wine is a staple in my home. Red wine, white wine, doesn’t matter — so the wine bottles can collect quite a bit in the recycle bin by the end of the month! Even though recycling is an excellent option, I would like to share a few ways I’ve re-used my empty wine bottles at home or as gifts.

Carafe: I love using empty wine bottles as water carafes at home. I soak the bottles in hot, soapy water for several hours until the labels and glue peel off easily, then fill them up with filtered water so they are ready to go when serving to guests or at meal time. Using the bottles as carafes for cocktail mixes or juices also adds sophisticated charm to the bar. Plus, I get to use all those cute wine stoppers I collect along the way in creative ways!


Rolling pin: If you don’t bake often, you may not have a rolling pin on hand. In the event that you find yourself without one in your moment of need, grab a empty (or full) wine bottle to do your rolling. To prevent sticking, use with waxed paper or plastic wrap.

Glass Cutting: Glass cutting is a pretty fun craft, and you can make some useful and adorable items including small plant pots, drinking glasses, and even candle covers by mastering the technique. An investment in a glass bottle cutter ranges from $17-$30, and they look like these. I’ve personally used this Dan Roja’s technique to make my own little potted planters out of wine bottles. See his how-to video here. Super cute as centerpieces for patios or dining tables.


Plant feeder: This is best done with an empty wine bottle that has a screw cap. Carefully poke a hole in the screw cap with a sharp object. (Pound a nail into the center of the cap with a hammer, then remove the nail.) Fill the bottle with water then screw on the cap. Securely anchor the bottle, screw cap down, into your plant’s soil. Voila!

We’d love to hear how you reuse your empty wine bottles!