Casual Layers

We all have those days when we really can’t be bothered to put on a single item of clothing that could be placed in a category fancier than semi-casual. For me, these days are typically Fridays. It’s the last day in the work week and my wardrobe on this day tends to be a foreshadowing of relaxing Saturday.

Even on casual days, though, I think it’s important to look presentable. You never know who you’ll meet today!

My trick for being chic whilst still casual and comfortable?

It’s all about layering.

I’m not talking three or more layers of hipster t-shirts and hobo sweaters — let’s not get crazy. What I like to do is throw on two of my staple comfy pieces, then put on one more layer that adds a bit of character and texture to an otherwise simple and uber casual ensemble.

Hey, we all have casual days, but you never know you might run into when you turn the corner at the grocery store! What one item can you throw on that pulls your look together and takes it from couch potato to casual fashionista?!